Commune and SALT. are proud to introduce LC-22, high performance eyewear. Designed with designers, architects and builders in mind. From studio to site visit, the LC-22 was engineered to be worn on the job all day, everyday. The frames are constructed with aerospace-grade titanium, chosen for its stunning strength to weight ratio and hypoallergenic properties. Coloring is achieved through a heat-transfer cloisonné application for a durable finish. The lenses feature a blue-light-filtering and anti-reflective coating for long hours in front of screens, a sunlight-responsive photochromic brown tint for 100% UV protection, and ANSI-rated impact resistance for added safety. The considered lens shape provides ample width and depth for a full field of view at varying focal lengths. LC-22 is available in four variations: Gold, Gold with Oxblood, Titanium, and Titanium with Black.

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