Sofia Londono is a Colombian-American artist, living and working in Los Angeles, known for her distinctive approach to ceramic murals. Her labor-intensive process involves meticulously sculpting individual tiles, layering glazes rigorously formulated in the studio, and assembling them into atmospheric landscapes; blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Drawing inspiration from a rich and long lineage of mosaic makers, and the natural world, her art explores the mesmerizing interplay between the vast and the minuscule, the macro and micro scales found in nature. She closely studies organic material through a microscope to capture intricate patterns, delving into the delicate beauty of cellular biology and organic structures.

Sofia is represented by Commune for commissions and special projects. She also collaborates with the studio on a line of indoor and outdoor furnishings. Side tables made of solid walnut and white oak and outdoor tables made of copper and teak are developed in collaboration and finished with Sofia's ceramic explorations.