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Niles Wertz

Niles Wertz Wavy Edge Platter

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Niles Wertz has been turning wood since he was 9 years old. Having been raised in the craft and woodworking mecca of Marin County, California, Niles was inspired by both the local craftsmen that came before him and the ancient forests that came before us all. These particular nesting bowls are born from a specific ingenuity. Through custom tooling and carefully developed methods, Niles carves each bowl from the wood within the next larger bowl (think Russian nesting dolls). The results enable the character from each piece of lumber utilized to flow through each consecutive bowl, celebrating the highly figured and beautiful grain in succession. 

Made from locally sourced solid walnut finished with a food-safe and allergen-free oil. Made in Marin County, California.

D 15 in x H 2 in

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